Saturday, August 8, 2009

Why This Blog?

We (myself and R.G. Singh) are coming up with an exhibition (under the aegis of Ramsons Kala Pratishtana) of paintings of artists who enriched the visual artscape of our beloved city - Mysore. As the first step we have planned an exhibition of veterans who have become 'one with the elements' and called it tentatively as 'Homage to Masters' in English and 'Kalabhivandana' in Kannada.

We started listing the names of artists who either were born, lived or worked for a few precious years of their lives in Mysore. At first the names were hard to come by but as we started interacting with senior artists and refering few books and booklets published by Karnataka Lalita Kala Academy (KLKA), the list grew longer over time.

Brief information what we procured was precious, no doubt, but were either partial or had little mistakes which could not be taken for granted. Glaring mistakes had crept up even in authorised books. When I tried to look up the internet for information, I hit a road block. There is virtually nil information about the great artists of Mysore. 'Pathetic' was the only word I could conjure in my mind.

This is the reason for this blog. As the Kannada phrase goes, this is our 'Alilu Seve' (humble service) to the maverick artists of Mysore. Read on and if you find any additions, deletions or mistakes do let us know. Thank you for dropping by. Leave your valuable comments.